You just got served… COMMSERVED!

The Ambassadors are at it again serving the community! This past Friday, Student Ambassadors hit the dance floor at the Arc Canteen! This Ambassador tradition always packs a crowd as we dance the night away with adults with special needs. This past Friday night tons of other organizations were spotted busting a move with Ambassadors as well. Check out some of the memories we made this weekend. Be sure to stay tuned for more upcoming dates of CommServe events. 

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Getting Social!

Ambassadors are at it again with a bunch of new Social Events for our members. Committee Heads Curtis Slike and Allison Smith planned a night on the Quad of fun, crafts, and relaxation! Ambassadors were told to bring plain white t-shirts and then leave the rest to Curtis and Allison. They had the opportunity to spray paint their t-shirts with JMU cut outs, paint, and glitter. Here are the results from the evening!

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We Proudly Serve!

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The JMU Student Ambassadors have officially kicked off their Membership Drive for the Fall of 2012! Are you passionate about serving others? Do you love JMU? Do you want to make an impact on hundreds of lives? If you said yes to any of these APPLY to be a Student Ambassador! Applications are due on October 3rd in TDU by 5pm! Log on to to download the application! Contact our VP of Membership Kyle Penrose at Good Luck!

Senior ISAT Steps 2012 and the beginning of Senior Week

One of SA’s most favorable tradition is Senior ISAT Steps. During the first week we get new members, Ambassadors gather at Godwin steps and march up Carrier Drive to ISAT to greet everyone. Senior also get this warm welcome marking the beginning of Senior Week. The Emeritus Committee has been working endlessly throughout the semester to provide our senior Ambassadors the best semester they could ever wish for. Tonight was no exception! With Ambassadors reflecting on their past years in the organization as well as the university, this night is never to be forgotten.

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Polo Passing 2012

Finally the moment the new members had been waiting for was here! After a fun memorable new member process, the 63 new Students Ambassadors finally received their polos! Many Ambassadors were filled with emotions as speeches were given, advice was shared, photos were taken… and believe me they were taken! Mentors sat with their Mentees and awaited as they went up one by one to receive the coveted purple polo. Vice President of Membership, Kyle Penrose, stood with a proud smile and maybe even a tear in his eye as he hugged each Ambassador congratulating them on the completion of the new member process.

Congratulations!!! Wear the polo with pride!

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Carrie Kutner Field Day 2012




It was another success Carrie Kutner Field Day sponsored by Student Ambassadors Scholarship Committee. The day consisted of over 8 events for teams to compete for fame and glory. Team JORTS came out on top. The event was to raise funds for our annual scholarship that we give to a student in honor of Carrier Kutner. Over 100 people showed up to the event that provided memories and fun for a great cause! Thanks again to Lauren and Kendall, for all the hard work that was put into this event to make it such a success!



[men-tawr, -ter]


1. a wise and trusted counselor or teacher to lead a mentee in Student Ambassadors.
2. an influential member who will hold their mentee accountable for points and be a support system.




a person who is guided by a mentor in Ambassadors.
MENTOR MENTEE PAIRINGS are here! Part of the new member process is being paired up with a Mentor. A mentor is an older member who has wisdom in the organization is primarily there to be a support system for their mentee. They can answer any questions that they might have and also make sure their mentee is adjusting well to the organization. This is an incredible opportunity for our members to make a tremendous impact on each other and provide meaningful relationships both in and outside of Student Ambassadors! Here are few of the pairings!

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Did someone say Charlottesville!?

The Ambassadors went on their annual trip to visit Charlottesville this past weekend! Ambassadors were excited to have a nice break to go shopping, relax, ice skate, and eat some delicious local cuisine! A few people got to show off their skating skills out on the ice this time! Some could even give Apollo Ohno a run for his money! Everyone enjoyed a nice evening of fun, relaxation, and memories!

CASE ASAP D3 Conference

Ambassadors decided to take a little road trip down to Auburn, Alabama for the CASE ASAP District 3’s Annual Conference! This conference is for all Student Alumni Association programs in the South including more than 30 schools in 13 states! That’s a lot of Ambassadors! It was an incredible opportunity for JMU Student Ambassadors to learn more about other schools’ programs and events! It was also a great opportunity to share a few ideas of their own. JMU presented on the Membership process and the Alumni event D.I.P.P (Dukes Interacting Past and Present) which had other students in awe and begging to see more. A special treat for the JMU Ambassadors was winning both the Spirit Stick Award and also Outstanding Organization! Congratulations Ambassadors!

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Winter Wonderland

A few Ambassadors decided to hit the slopes… tubing slopes that is! Massanutten provided winter fun for both new and old members. This was another event put on by our Social Committee. Everyone enjoyed racing down the slopes despite the warm weather we’ve been having lately! It was a great study break and a great way to meet a few new faces! The gang decided to end the night with a late night snack at IHOP!

Pancakes + tubing + Ambassadors = something you don’t want to miss!